NIOSH Releases Enhanced Version of EVADE Hazard System

March 3, 2017

The latest version of the Enhanced Video Analysis of Dust Exposures (EVADE) software available for free from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) now offers more ways to reveal hazards on the job. NIOSH originally developed EVADE as software to support Helmet-CAM—a system worn by a worker that records video and matches it with simultaneously collected data on hazardous dust, diesel, and gas exposure.

The new EVADE 2.0 is a far more powerful tool to target hazardous exposures and can be used to assess hazards in other industries such as construction and oil and gas. EVADE 2.0 software has been expanded to show workers exactly where they are being exposed to hazards on the job, allowing them to identify and then correct exposure hazards. The free downloadable program  can be used with data coming from other sources, such as a video camera on a tripod, a stationary aerosol monitor, or a noise dosimeter.

How it works

EVADE 2.0 takes multiple data files and stitches them together to display when and where a worker might have been exposed to a high sound level or hazardous substances, such as silica dust, diesel emmissions, and gases. The software synchronizes all the incoming data files to show changing exposure levels alongside the video.

With the files stitched together into one playback, mine operators can see what was happening during the periods of highest exposure, and then use that information to target a change or intervention. This is crucial, as prolonged or repeated exposures to hazardous substances or sound levels can be detrimental to workers’ health or hearing.

"Without a way to locate exactly when and where workers might be exposed to hazards, mine operators could only make an educated guess about the location and time of exposure,” said Dr. Jessica Kogel, associate director for mining at NIOSH. "This latest version of EVADE gives operators a valuable tool to improve the working environment for their workers".

Find out more about EVADE, as well as how to download the software for free.