New Pinnacle for Concrete Pumps

Staff | September 28, 2010

Concord CCP-65SZ-225 concrete boom pumpConcord claims its model CCP-65SZ-225 concrete boom pump has the longest reach and highest output of any truck-mounted boom pump available. It reaches 213 feet 3 inches vertically, and a horizontal extension stretches more than 199 feet. The pump is built for high pressure and volume with five-inch delivery line and all standard elbows. Maximum output is 300 cubic yards per hour, and the hopper holds 21 cubic feet for a maximum aggregate size of 2½ inches. The machine weighs 126,000 pounds, which is distributed over 53 feet 3 inches on a six-axle, 460-hp Mack tri-steer chassis with tri-drive with drop axle.