New Literature

Staff | September 28, 2010

The American Society of Concrete Contractors (ASCC) has released its Guide for Concrete Slabs that Receive Moisture-Sensitive Flooring Materials, published by the American Concrete Institute. The 42-page guide offers advice to the design and construction team to help avoid costly problems related to construction delays or flooring failures due to moisture in the concrete. The book covers concrete moisture basics and testing, PH testing, floor covering manufacturers' recommendations, drying of concrete, vapor retarders/barriers, floor covering materials, design and construction recommendations, and references. For more information, visit the website at or call (866) 788-2722. The ASCC is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the capabilities of those who build with concrete and to providing them a unified voice in the construction industry.

Arxcis Inc., an industrial training and OSHA-accredited crane inspections provider, has transferred its training program from classroom to CD. Unlike generic safety training videos, the Arxcis Hard Hat Training Series CDs are fully customizable, allowing instructors to use the information as is or to tailor it for their unique applications. Users of the CDs can implement their own text — to include information such as company policies and additional test questions — as well as photos or logos to accompany the existing Arxcis training materials and instructors can print unlimited student manuals and tests directly from the CD. The availability of the company's OSHA-accredited expertise on a customizable and portable format makes training in the public works, utility, government, construction, industrial, and maritime industries more affordable for both public and private entities. Courses covering the following equipment/topics are available: Sit-Down Forklifts, Stand-Up Forklifts, Aerial/Scissor Lifts, Telescopic Handlers/Reach Forklifts, Backhoes/Loaders, Boom Trucks, Rough-Terrain Cranes, Pedestal-Mounted Cranes, Vehicle-Mounted Aerial Lifts, Overhead Cranes, Excavators, and Trench Safety. Trainers can view samples at

Wacker offers over 45 full-color product literature, plus full-line pocket guides, all free of charge. For sales staff, complete sales manuals are available featuring Wacker's full line of product literature, indexed and tabbed by product group. Most orders are filled and shipped the same day they are received. Orders can be placed online through

American Subcontractors Association's (ASA) 2006–07 Distance-Learning Catalog (Late Fall Edition), available in PDF format at, describes three methods by which owners of specialty trade contracting firms, as well as executives, project managers, estimators, risk managers, and other employees, can learn critical management strategies while minimizing travel time and costs. ASA's catalog offers live web-based seminars and audio teleconferences, as well as recorded multimedia CD-ROMs — all designed specifically to meet the needs of today's specialty trade contractor. The resources in ASA's catalog can be ordered directly online at and

Fiatech has published a report entitled "Field Study of Wireless Stain Monitoring Technologies," which documents a field trial of wireless technologies to monitor strain/stress of steel beams as deployed by the Architect of the Capitol for utilization during construction of the Capitol Visitor Center addition to the U.S. Capitol Complex in Washington, D.C. The primary objectives of this field test were twofold: to prove efficacy of wireless technologies in construction applications, and to monitor and report anomalies in steel-to-concrete connectivity caused by cold weather induced contraction of the beams. By assessing the ability of wireless sensor technology to monitor the appearance and extent of these stress anomalies, the Architect of the Capitol was able to improve final construction results significantly, and gain knowledge about the implementation of wireless sensor technologies in a real and practical application. Conducted in collaboration with the Architect of the Capitol, The National Institute of Standards and Technology and RTKL Associates, the Fiatech Smart Chips project field test monitored the stresses in nine affected beams as well as in seven control beams within the same area of the project during the winter of 2005. The field trail illustrated how wireless technology can be adapted for robust technical applications in new construction, and further identifies specific work process improvements that could be made to improve efficiency. For a copy of the report, contact Maree Norfleet-Williams, Fiatech, at (512) 232-9669 or for more information, contact Nicole Testa at (202) 669-3935.

The Lincoln Electric Company has released an updated Arc Welding Safety Guide (E205) aimed at explaining in a straightforward way the issues relating to arc welding safety as well as recommended safe practices based upon practical experience. The guide is a tool which may be used to train and remind welders of the safe practices they should follow. To request a copy, visit Under Quick Links, select Welding Safety to obtain bulletin E305.

A new book, titled, The Life and Legacy of John L. Grove, by Gerry Lute, tells the story of the aerial work platform and crane pioneer who founded two major equipment companies: Grove Manufacturing, now a division of the Manitowoc Crane Group, and JLG Industries. The 219-page book has 290 photographs in its 11 chapters and contains timelines for the history of both companies. In addition to the standard edition, the book is available in a limited leather-bound collector's edition. Both editions can be obtained by going to the merchandise link at and clicking either "Promotional" or "Executive." In addition to the book, the site offers JLG apparel, scale models of JLG equipment and executive merchandise.