New JDLink Dashboard for Better Equipment Management

March 22, 2016

If you are a telematics user with active JDLink Ultimate, Express, or Locate subscriptions, Deere's new JDLink Dashboard will make your data even easier to access, understand, and put to use.

"The JDLink Dashboard provides fleet managers the ability to improve machine uptime, make machine data easier to assess and understand and allow users to do more with their fleet information," said Paul Garcia, product manager, John Deere WorkSight. "This new web application will streamline equipment maintenance management and documentation of owning and operating costs, leading to increased profits and improved productivity for our customers.”

The JDLink Dashboard places the most important metrics up front, boldly displaying red alerts, machines with zero hours, machines with the highest idle, and machines that are being over or underutilized.

One of the most exciting features of the JDLink Dashboard is the new equipment maintenance management tool named Maintenance Manager.

Maintenance Manager lets users quickly and easily set up factory or custom plans using either engine-hour or calendar-based service intervals, making tracking maintenance significantly more convenient for equipment managers.  

You can access the JDLink Dashboard using web browsers, tablets and smart phones. The debut of the JDLink Dashboard also introduces the MyJohnDeere web portal. On one web page with one set of login credentials, the MyJohnDeere web portal gives you access to multiple John Deere applications in addition to the JDLink Dashboard, such as JDParts, TimberNavi and John Deere Financial.

Click here for more about Deere's JDLink Machine Monitoring System.