New Indianapolis Airport's Works of Art

Photos By Tom Hale | September 28, 2010

Creators of terrazzo and glass artworks for the New Indianapolis Airport terminal described their projects and the installation processes during a recent tour of the facility. The works were commissioned by the Indianapolis Airport Authority.

A completed terrazzo work by Tom Torluemke, called The Glory of Sports in Indianapolis.

The terrazzo floors in the plazas that join the terminal to Concourses A and B will display compositions by Tom Torluemke of Hammond, Ind. One terrazzo composition, called The Glory of Sports in Indianapolis, celebrates the role sports play in the city’s life. The second terrazzo work, called A Work of HeArt, includes a reference to Indiana’s state song, "On the Banks of the Wabash Far Away."

The art tour also included a visit to the installation in progress of a work called The Cardinal Points, created by artist/designer Stuart Keeler and architect Michael Machnic. The Cardinal Points incorporates art glass elements into a dividing wall in the security checkpoint area for Concourse B of the new terminal. The piece uses images of a flying cardinal – the Indiana state bird – and isolated images of cardinal feathers to establish a metaphor for the drama of flight, overlaid on an image of the city grid of Indianapolis. The art glass was fabricated by Franz Mayer of Munich.

Through commissioned, site-specific and/or architecturally integrated works of art, the Indianapolis International Airport will provide its visitors from the global community access to a wide variety of artists and art forms. The artists commissioned for the airport’s art program represent eight states and one foreign country.

The $1.1-billion New Indianapolis Airport will feature a new terminal building located between the two existing main runways along with new highway access, new and improved parking and support facilities, and improved utilities and airside operations. The new airport is scheduled to open on Oct. 28.