New 'Flying Robot' Drone for Remote Field Monitoring

April 13, 2017

SkyX, an Ontario, Canada startup, has developed a line of fully autonomous UAS that, while originally designed for the oil and gas industry, will fit construction industry applications well.

The drone is named SkyOne and perhaps the best feature of the new UAV is that when it needs to be recharged, the bird will autonomously find the nearest 'xStation', the system's charging platform, that can be kept at home base or located in a remote area. This gives the drone a much larger coverage range and longer overall monitoring hours.

The SkyOne UAV not a fixed-wing aircraft nor a quadcopter, but instead a hybrid of both technologies. The VTOL capability lets the drone take off and land in the same way a quadcopter does, needing no runway. However, after the UAV takes off, it transitions into a forward, fixed-wing flight, giving it the lift and efficiency an airfoil allows on a fixed-wing aircraft. When it comes time to land, the SkyOne transitions back to its multi-copter mode and accurately lands as directed.

SkyOne carries out its missions autonomously, meaning no operator is required to manually control the aircraft during flight. SkyOne is a flying robot, silently exchanging data with a ground station.

If a human interface is required, the SkyOne system allows immediate user control. The flight path can be plotted with a high degree of precision to ensure SkyOne never strays from monitoring the intended asset. The SkyX operating system's custom graphical user interface allows additional tasks to be easily programmed into the flight plan.

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