New Filter Handles Engine Blow-By

September 28, 2010

Donaldson's Spiracle Filtration System
Donaldson's Spiracle filtration system, designed to filter crankcase emissions, is aimed for use on heavy trucks, buses, and off-road equipment.

The new Spiracle closed-crankcase filtration system from Donaldson is designed to eliminate crankcase emissions in a wide range of diesel-powered trucks and equipment. Mounted between the engine's breather port and its air-intake system, the Spiracle helps reduce unpleasant in-cab fumes, says Donaldson, and keeps engine enclosures free from oil-film deposits.

At the heart of the filtration system is a two-stage coalescing filter. After passing through the first-stage impaction filter, partially cleaned gases and coalesced oil flow along a coalescing tube on the inside of the filtration cartridge, allowing oil removal at the bottom of the housing.

Blow-by gases are then forced through a second-stage diffusion/coalescing filter that uses a proprietary media. Separated oil is returned to the engine sump, says Donaldson, while soot particles remain trapped on the media surface.

The filtration system is available in three sizes to handle blow-by flows up to 690 liters per minute. The filter can be mounted on the engine or in a remote position, and a top-loading, metal-free replacement cartridge facilitates service.