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New EquipmentWatch App Offers Immediate Serial Number/VIN Verification

New subscription-based service saves time and costs associated with inaccurate model year identification with on-the-spot verification

September 20, 2016

The EquipmentWatch Verification mobile app provides immediate serial number and VIN verification for heavy equipment and on-road trucks in the auction and resale markets.

Available for both Android and iOS devices, the new app gives dealers, appraisers and inspectors a trusted resource for verifying the year of manufacture of an asset.

“Much of an asset’s value is predicated on the fact that the information being presented in the sales process is accurate,” says Garrett Schemmel, EquipmentWatch vice president. “A slight discrepancy can change the value of an asset by thousands of dollars. The new EquipmentWatch Verification app puts that verification in the hands of the field appraiser and saves hours in paperwork and administrative time on the back-end of the acquisition process.”

The app is a free download and is subscription-activated through the new Asset Inspection Plan which includes access to the web-based interface that allows for more comprehensive asset data, including marketplace activity, location-on-asset, manufacturer notes, and detailed specs. This is all powered by the industry’s most expansive database of historical equipment information and complements a portfolio of subscription-based products and services that provide extensive equipment valuations, industry trends and market intelligence.


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