New Crane Training Focuses on Employer Responsibility

February 13, 2015

Crane Industry Services has launched a new training program focusing on employer responsibility titled "Crane Safety for Site Management."

The concept of employer responsibility is stated strongly in OSHA and ASME standards and is open-ended enough that employers and supervisors may be held accountable for decisions made and directions given. The Crane Safety for Site Management course from Crane Industry Services, focuses on these key areas:

  • Selection of crane type;
  • Meeting OSHA regulations and ASME standards;
  • Defining roles and responsibilities of the crew;
  • Preparing the work site;
  • Process for assembly/disassembly of equipment;
  • Utilizing load charts;
  • Using correct rigging and standard international signaling;
  • Working around power lines; and
  • Creating, documenting and following lift plans.

Crane Safety for Site Management was piloted in Chicago and Atlanta in late 2014. Since then, AGC Georgia added program dates for the class after the initial offering sol d out. AGC Georgia and Crane Industry Services will co-host the Crane Safety for Site Management program at AGC Atlanta Training Center on Feb. 27, June 26, and Nov. 3, 2015.

For information on registering for this class, contact Cindy Parham with AGC Georgia at or 678.298.4112 or Candice Eldredge with Crane Industry Services at or 770.783.9292.