New Complex for Local 150

September 28, 2010

Local 150
Local 150 serves IUOE members in northern Illinois, northern Indiana and eastern Iowa. The large indoor worksite, in the right foreground of the rendering, will allow serious earthmoving under optimum conditions.

Local 150 of the International Union of Operating Engineers has graciously worked with Construction Equipment for the past 18 months or so on numerous installments of CE's Hands-On Earthmoving series. We've worked primarily at the Local's Apprenticeship and Skill Improvement facility in Plainfield, Ill., near Chicago.

The success of Local 150's machine-operator and service-technician training programs, however, has prompted the organization to start developing a larger facility, which will be located a bit farther south (near Joliet) on an expansive 300-acre site.

When completed, the new Apprenticeship and Skill Improvement complex will provide expanded administrative and service-shop areas, as well as an immense indoor worksite, where IUOE members can continue to hone their skills even in inclement weather.