Nelson EZ Pull to Build 35 Yard Scrapers

July 17, 2012

Nelson EZ Pull, which custom makes direct-mount towed scrapers, announced that it will be expanding its capabilities to include the conversion of larger units up to 35 cubic yards.

The company specializes in converting industrial grade scrapers such as Fiat-Allis and Allis-Chalmers, Caterpillar and LeTourneau into direct-mount pull-type.

The company, located in Comstock, Minn., has converted more than 1,600 units, according to owner Clifford Nelson.

“Because we modify heavy duty scrapers such as the Allis-Chalmers 460, our machines can unload the toughest loads, with the gate rising to a position about three feet above the top of the bowl, providing unrestricted ejection capabilities,” Nelson said.

He said at the customer’s request they also can add two tires to the rear, which improves floatation, eliminates rocking and provides better operation in wet or soft-earth areas.

“Because the weight is directly on the axle, as the weight increases, so does the traction. The scraper can be filled to capacity even under wet conditions and wheel slippage is greatly reduced. Because the scraper’s front wheels are gone, there is less rolling resistance and a driver can see how deep the blade is cutting. Directly mounted, it can be easily backed into hard-to-reach areas.”

The end product is like new, he said, with new tires, blade, paint, hydraulic ejector system and bearings, where needed.