Navman & Teletrac Merging

March 3, 2015

Navman Wireless and Teletrac Inc., two companies in the GPS fleet and asset tracking space, have merged to create one global telematics organization.

The combined company will be run by an executive management team selected from both Teletrac and Navman Wireless. TJ Chung, Navman Wireless president, will lead the joint company. The company will continue to operate under both the Navman Wireless and Teletrac brands and fully support all current customers and platforms in its ongoing goal to drive the industry forward.

The combined resources of Navman Wireless and Teletrac will expand the company to a more geographically diverse market, with offices across the globe in multiple continents.

The consolidated engineering teams of Navman Wireless and Teletrac will create an R&D budget, paving the way for future innovation in the telematics space at a level greater than currently seen in the market