Navistar, UAW Members Approve New Labor Contract

February 10, 2015

Navistar International Corporation and the United Automobile Workers (UAW) announced that UAW-represented employees have ratified a new four-year labor agreement. The contract was approved by a majority of voting UAW members and replaces the contract that expired Oct. 1, 2014.

"The new contract will help our UAW-represented facilities embrace lean principles, which will allow them to remain competitive in today's business environment," said Troy Clarke, Navistar president and CEO. "The contract also helps our UAW-represented employees and retirees maintain a good standard of living."

"UAW members have approved a contract that is fair and equitable for both them and company," said UAW Vice President Norwood Jewell, who directs the union's Heavy Truck Department. "With this new contract, our members may continue serving our customers in the heavy truck industry while maintaining good jobs and benefits that will allow them to support their family and community. This is an example of how working men and women and companies can work together so that everyone wins."

Bill Osborne, Navistar senior vice president, manufacturing and quality, commended the UAW for its efforts to collaborate to address the needs of employees along with critical business matters.

"We value our partnership with the UAW," said Osborne. "We found common ground on some difficult issues and we will continue in that spirit of cooperation as we move forward."

Adopting lean principles across all its operations and delivering products with industry-leading uptime are key parts of Navistar's strategy. "We're committed to supporting all of our operations to build quality products that deliver on our Uptime mission," Osborne added.

The UAW represents approximately 1,500 employees at five Navistar facilities in Melrose Park, Ill. (engineering and engine assembly), Springfield, Ohio (truck assembly) and Atlanta, Dallas and York (Pa.) (parts distribution centers).