Navistar Launches Uptime Campaign

February 5, 2015

Navistar announced its new mission centered on maximizing customer uptime, launching a new marketing campaign for the International Truck brand.

"Uptime means more than designing and building trucks to stay on the road longer," said Bill Kozek, Navistar president, Truck and Parts. "It's our renewed commitment to the industry to deliver innovation, tools and services that keep our customers moving."

Uptime is a commitment built on multiple levels. Emotionally, "uptime" speaks to the mindset and obligation of the company's dealers and employees as they deliver on the promise of keeping trucks up and running. Rationally, "uptime" speaks to what International Truck can offer its customers, including:

  • Truck design and approach to integration. Navistar's team of engineers collaborate with component suppliers to design vehicles with superior performance. International ProStar ES, the company's fuel efficiency package, combines the ProStar's aerodynamics with fuel efficient drivetrain and axle components.
  • Manufacturing. The company puts rigor around its processes at its manufacturing facilities, using real-time quality metrics and progressive quality validation. Each vehicle goes through a comprehensive quality control process throughout assembly to ensure vehicles leave the plant defect-free.
  • Parts and service. International Truck has a broad, capable parts distribution and dealer network with more than 800 service locations, more than 10,000 trained technicians and more than 8,000 service bays.
  • Technology. Navistar continues to enhance its capabilities in technology-driven uptime with OnCommand Connection. OnCommand Connection remains the only open architecture remote diagnostics system that provides customers visibility to the health of their entire fleet through a single portal.

The brand's new call to action, "It's Uptime at International," speaks both to International Truck's revitalization as well as its dedication to enabling its customers to work better, harder and faster.

The initial advertising campaign will reinforce International's commitment to building defect-free trucks that stay on the road longer, supported by a dealer network delivering fast service and the OnCommand Connection vehicle monitoring system.

New advertising will start this month in print and online publications. In addition, "It's Uptime at International" will be showcased at a series of trade shows over the next several weeks, including the Mid-America Trucking Show in March.