NAPA's Recently Published Technical Documents

Staff | September 28, 2010

The National Asphalt Pavement Association announces the publication of new technical documents:

Warm-Mix Asphalt: Best Practices (QIP-125)

This 44-page document presents the state of the practice for warm-mix asphalt in the U.S. at this time. Included in the publication are an overview of the various warm-mix asphalt (WMA) technologies currently in use or under evaluation in the United States., an explanation of the benefits of WMA including both engineering advantages and improvements in environmental factors and working conditions, and a description of best practices for production and lay-down. This document is designed to be used by both agency and contractor personnel. In preparing the publication, information was obtained from a combination of literature reviews, the FHWA International Scanning Tour on WMA, knowledgeable experts, and material suppliers. A comprehensive bibliography is included.

Energy Conservation in Hot-Mix Asphalt Production (QIP-126)

This document presents opportunities for energy conservation in the hot mix asphalt (HMA) production process. The production of any construction material is energy-intensive, and hot-mix asphalt is no exception. Energy costs constitute a significant percentage of the total cost of HMA production, so conserving energy can improve the bottom line for hot-mix producers. The 32-page NAPA publication provides methods to calculate return on equipment investments and other strategies that have the potential to reduce energy-related costs.

Bold Initiatives in the Asphalt Industry to Safeguard Health, Safety, and the Environment (IS-133)

The author, NAPA President Mike Acott, was asked to present a paper at an international asphalt conference. His subject was the ongoing approach used by the asphalt industry in the U.S. on complex environmental, health, and safety issues. That paper has been enhanced with additional text and illustrations for this publication. The 24-page document describes the asphalt industry's strategies that have been cited by government agencies as a model for other industries. Several examples of milestone accomplishments are summarized in the publication. Emerging issues and future challenges are also identified.

101 Ideas to Reduce Costs and Enhance Revenue — Give Your Asphalt Production and Paving Company an Edge in the Marketplace (QIP-127)

This 32-page publication is based on an educational session that was presented at NAPA's 2008 Annual Meeting in Phoenix. At this session, executives from several hot-mix asphalt production companies presented some of the innovative ways that their companies and others have improved the bottom line for their firms. The "101 Ideas" of the title are presented in a narrative format, in a way that emphasizes the savings that can be realized through implementation of the ideas. The original list of ideas is also included, along with ideas for enhancing on-the-job safety.