Moving Materials Without the Skid Marks

September 28, 2010

Bobcat A300
The Bobcat A300 features a 3,000-pound rated operating capacity and 126.4-inch lift height. It comes with a 20.7-gpm standard flow auxiliary hydraulic system.

One of the challenges Miller Bros. Construction, an Ohio-based bridge-construction firm, faced was how to keep a white bridge deck clean while still using equipment on the job.

Mel Williams, project manager, said there is nothing worse than coming up on a new, white bridge deck and seeing black marks all over it where equipment had been twisting and turning. Miller Bros. recently purchased a Bobcat A300 all-wheel-steer loader, and thanks to using that machine, skid marks are a thing of the past.

"By operating the loader in the all-wheel-steer mode, there is no surface damage," says Williams. "That saves us money because we have far less repair work. Plus, the tire wear is so much better than with other equipment."

Miller Bros. purchased three of the loaders, which allow operators to switch between an AWS and skid-steer mode — giving them the advantage of having two machines in one.

In addition to its dual steering modes, the unit also comes standard with the Bob-Tach mounting system that allows the operator to use more than 45 Bobcat attachments. Williams regularly uses a pallet-fork, sweeper and breaker attachment, and plans to purchase a planer attachment to remove lines, painted stripes and thermoplastics on the bridge.