Morbark Offers Grinder Attachments

Staff | September 28, 2010

In addition to the best selling grinding and chipping equipment Morbark also manufactures the auxiliary equipment needed to make your business complete. From heavy duty brush rakes to 360 degree grapples to debris shears, these versatile tools can enhance the efficiency of your grinding operation.

Morbark offers two models of debris shears, the Model 60 and the Model 40. The Model 60 handles wood up to 60" in diameter and can split and shear material both in and out of the ground. The weld-on tips and blades are replaceable making maintenance quick and easy. The Model 60 is rated for a carrier with a weight classification between 55,000 – 80,000 pounds. The more compact Model 40 is also equipped with a replaceable blade and tips, and rated for 30,000 – 50,000 pound carriers. This shear is operated from existing carrier hydraulic circuitry and no additional hydraulics are necessary. By utilizing a Morbark debris shear you effectively reduce the size of large diameter stumps and logs being fed into your machine, which in turn increase productivity.

Morbark brush rakes are uniquely designed with close proximity bottom tines to allow the picking up and carrying of stumps, logs, brush, pallets, C & D material, regrind and more. Brush rakes are available with 11 or 13 tines. The rake design allows dirt to shake out through the bottom tines eliminating feeding large quantities of dirt into your grinder. This handy unit takes less than five minutes to attach to your front end wheel loader with two simple hydraulic hoses providing power to the top tines. The brush rake allows you to bring the material to your grinder, instead of bringing your grinder to the material, saving time and money.

Morbark’s latest addition to the attachment line-up is the Model 60 Debris Grapple. Two heavy-duty hydraulic motors with spur gears allow for 360 degree continuous rotation of the grapple. In addition to swiveling, the grapple pivots to side making clean-up under a grinder a snap. Just sweep the grapple underneath the infeed bed to push or pull material out. This adaptable attachment allows feeding from any position or side with less travel time, increasing efficiency.

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