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Responding to customer feedback about issues with disc-style brush chippers, Morbark offers the M6R as a 6-inch-capacity rotary chipper.

June 01, 2009

Morbark Beever M6R Brush ChipperResponding to customer feedback about issues associated with disc-style brush chippers in the size range, Morbark offers the M6R as a 6-inch-capacity rotary chipper. Now trademarked the Beever M6R, what once was the Clipper 6 chipper has been transformed with a two-knife machined rotor, direct drive with belt power transfer, larger tires and 180-degree silo swivel discharge. Reduced space between the rotor and feed wheel minimizes the risk of material lodging or turning sideways.

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Originally released in 2008, the Model 40/36 biomass chipper is now available in a track configuration to allow for greater mobility in the field and forest.

Morbark has fitted its Beever M20R drum chipper with a hydraulic folding in-feed deck with more than two tons of hydraulic pulling force for more efficient loading to suit the needs of an entry level biomass chipping operation.

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