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MoDOT Set to Shift Bridge over Mississippi 9 Feet

Crews will move four intact lanes of bridge 9 feet to make room for new lane

March 26, 2018
MoDOT says this will be the second largest bridge slide done in U.S. history.

The Missouri Department of Transportation will be shifting a 2,165-foot long section of the Poplar Street Bridge that carries traffic over the Mississippi between downtown St. Louis and Illinois.

Missouri DOT will shift a section of bridgeThe Poplar Street Bridge (PSB) is one of only two bridges in the nation that carry three interstates (I-70, I-55, I-64) across a river.

Four eastbound lanes of I-64 will be picked up and moved nine feet to the south side of the bridge in order to make room for a new fifth eastbound lane.

MoDOT says this will be the second largest bridge slide done in U.S. history, part of a $54 million overhaul of the 51-year old bridge and interchange.

Twenty-six hydraulic jacks will lift the 20.4 million pound piece of the bridge's roadway about one inch. Then, over about 12 hours, the roadway will creep to the south using special pads and a slide track until it comes to rest 9 feet later.

MoDOT chose the slide method because it is less expensive than adding a new eastbound lane and will have the added benefit of strengthening the bridge by tying together what is now two separate spans of roadway.

During the procedure the westbound lanes will be open. MoDOT says most of the job will take place below the bridge deck, out of sight for westbound drivers, and encourages people to stay out of the way.

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