MoDOT Funding Revised

Staff | September 28, 2010

The Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission in February modified the process for distributing Missouri's transportation money to provide more for taking care of the existing roads and bridges, and more for construction of local priorities.

"Updating the funding distribution process helps us continue to deliver more value to Missourians," said MoDOT Director Pete Rahn. "We worked with planning partners and community representatives throughout the state to update the funding distribution process, so we'll have more focus on taking care of our worn out, heavily used roads and bridges, and be better able to address the new projects that Missouri taxpayers say are most important."

In preparing for the state's next five-year construction plan, the commission considered funding distribution changes as a result of the new federal transportation bill and revenue fluctuations due to higher oil and gas prices. The new federal legislation authorized additional federal funding and programs for Missouri while also identifying both high-priority projects and discretionary projects throughout the state.

Combining state and federal monies, Missouri will receive about $61 million per year more than anticipated for transportation improvements. Taking care of the system funds will increase by $30 million per year, from $430 million to $460 million per year. The local flexible funds will increase by $31 million per year, from $100 million to $131 million.