By Walt Moore, Senior Editor | September 28, 2010

MMD/Sakai rammer models (Compaction Pro 45, 65 and 75) feature four-cycle Honda engines and a patented shock-absorbing bellows designed to dampenvibration at the operator's hands. Vibration is furtherreduced, says the manufacturer, by means of polymer isolators incorporated into the height-adjustable handle. These units have operating weights of 107, 148 and 165 pounds, respectively, and use a triple-stage air-filtration system and a tapered, laminated shoe. Thediaphragm carburetor used on the CompactionPro 65allows the tool to be operated or stored on its side, because the design of the engine eliminates oil infiltration into the combustion chamber. According to the manufacturer, the use of four-stroke-cycle engines eliminates having to carry two types of fuel, reduces overall noise, and keeps emissions low.