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Mississippi Governor Considers Lottery to Fund Roads

New state lottery could revive new road building

May 05, 2017

While other states are installing tolls on roads and raising gas taxes to fund their transportation infrastructure budgets, Mississippi's Governor Phil Bryant said Thursday he would consider including the enactment of a lottery in an upcoming special session with the proceeds being used for transportation needs if the Mississippi Economic Council would support the idea.

Scott Waller, the interim chief executive officer of MEC, confirmed his group has been in discussions with the governor over the lottery issue and hopes to have information how much revenue a state lottery would generate. In 2015, a MEC study called for an additional $375 million annually.

A special session has been called for June 5 at which time Bryant may include the lottery proposal in the agenda.

Mississippi has been looking at other ways to fund transportation, including fuel taxes, passing bond bills, redirecting other taxes, and simply stopping all new road construction. Mississippi is one of only six states without a lottery.

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