Mining Safety Plan Target: Zero Fatalities in Five Years

April 3, 2012

The National Mining Association’s (NMA) board of directors has formally endorsed a new workplace safety and health paradigm, CORESafety, a scalable safety and health management system specifically designed for U.S. mining operations.

CORESafety provides a comprehensive pathway to achieve within five years mining’s goal of eliminating fatalities and reducing the rate of mining injuries by 50 percent.

“CORESafety is an industry essential, first calling upon us to do our best, then providing us with the tools to continuously improve safety and health performance at U.S. mining,” said Frank McAllister, vice chairman of NMA and chairman and CEO of Stillwater Mining.

CORESafety is the result of nearly two years of industry-wide collaboration and is built on the most effective workplace practices used worldwide to stop accidents before they happen. CORESafety’s development was led by a CEO task force, currently chaired by Steven F. Leer, chairman and CEO of Arch Coal Inc.

The effort relied on a working group of mine safety professionals that incorporated elements of leadership and culture—which are essential for safety excellence—in a system that is adaptable to the operations of all mining companies and designed to complement existing safety practices. The system stresses continuous improvement in safety and health and demonstrates the determination and commitment of U.S. mining leaders to remain a model for the world.

NMA President and CEO Hal Quinn stressed CORESafety has been a member-driven effort.

“Many NMA member companies are currently participating in CORESafety and will be assisting others that are just beginning their involvement. This is a journey we are taking together, and we look forward to the important benefits we can achieve for the entire mining community.”

Source: NMA