Metso Offers Fleet Management for Lokotrack Plants

September 26, 2014

Metso now offers complete fleet management and automation systems, designed for all Lokotrack range mobile applications.

Metso Fleet Management system consists of an IC process control system, a satellite uplink and a Metso DNA Report portal. It collects and presents a daily overview of the operating Lokotrack fleet including effective operating hours, fuel consumption, location of the units, alarms and parameter changes.

Metso IC process control system, a standard feature in all Lokotrack crushing plants, collects crusher data continuously. With the new fleet management tool, this information is being sent from Lokotrack uplink via satellite daily to be used in internet portal. The crushing data can be accessed via internet.

"Maintenance, ordering the spares and wears and re-fuelling can be organized in a more effective way when you know the exact fuel consumptions and operating hours of individual units. Here, the fleet management tool can provide valuable assistance," said Julius Mäkelä, project manager at Metso Mining and Construction.

Parameter changes have direct effect on crushing and screening process. Data and parameter changes are collected by the Metso DNA Report portal and data can be accessed anywhere using internet.

In the Report portal, users can compare data between the units, days or weeks. Repeating alarms due to the misuse of the unit cannot be hidden anymore. Using the portal, you have the means to guide operators to use Lokotrack in a proper way and to preserve the value of your investment.

In addition to the fleet management, Metso launched last year the ICr remote monitoring system for Lokotrack plants, providing wireless real time operating data and unit control to the excavator cabin for the operator. The ICr system improves working safety and comfort while the operator can adjust all basic crushing parameters without leaving the excavator cabin, using a color display.

For complete mobile plant automation, a Metso DNA automation system is available, featuring full process controls for feeders, crushers, conveyors, screens and hoppers. The system controls material feed rate, recirculation and crusher loads, for example.

Target values for automatic controls are given in a control room and they are gathered as production recipes that can be created, edited and uploaded by operators. The Metso DNA control cabin with its displays provides real-time process information and camera images.

The first Metso DNAs for mobile and portable crushing plants have been installed and are in operation at North European crushing contractors.