Measure Expands Construction Drone Solutions

October 17, 2017
Measure offers drone-powered solutions

Measure now offers drone-powered solutions designed to optimize site development, project monitoring/documentation, and stockpile/earthwork measurement.

The new solutions provide enhanced visibility into site conditions, construction progress and material availability and enable site owners, architects, civil engineers, builders and inspectors to take advantage of drone technology without the time and expense of building in-house drone programs.

The new Measure packages include:

 •   Pre-construction surveys provide rich aerial imagery for all stakeholders in the procure-design-build lifecycle to evaluate sites and plan for construction logistical operations using current site conditions. The surveys are useful in a range of applications,  from due diligence for site selection to pre-bidding site analysis, design presentations with site image and 3D overlays, stormwater runoff planning and more.

•   Project documentation provide weekly or monthly remote monitoring of building status on active construction sites as well as a historical record of project progress. The project documentation solution shows updates, identifies disparities between blueprints and actual work, assists insafety and logistics planning using current conditions, does data collection for permit reviews, legal documentation, and other needs with high-resolution aerial photos and precision measurements. It also enables timely BIM software integration.

•   Volumetrics provides drone-based stockpile and earthwork measurements that are faster, safer and more cost-effective than manned surveys. Recurring volumetric analysis makes it possible to compare proposed grading plans with true topographic conditions as well as evaluate granular change comparisons over time. The volumetrics solution also provides cut and fill analysis and material usage insights for production planning.

Source: Measure