Maryland Gives Go-Ahead for Second Musk Hyperloop

October 19, 2017

Elon Musk had a good Thursday.

First, Musk tweeted that his second boring machine is ready for use and has named it Line-Storm. Like the Boring Company's first tunnel boring machine, Godot, tunnel boring machine Line-Storm is named after a poem, specifically one written by Robert Frost titled A Line-storm Song.

"Our administration is proud to support The Boring Company to bring rapid electric transportation to MD– connecting Baltimore City to D.C." Larry Hogan, Twitter

Second, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan announced the state has granted The Boring Company permits to begin the process of tunneling for a proposed hyperloop that will run between Baltimore and Washington, D.C. Construction should begin soon.

Musk's company plans to start tunneling northeast of the interchange at Route 175 and Interstate 295 in Hanover, Maryland. According to Maryland Transportation Secretary Pete Rahn, the Boring Company has acquired property nearby for use in staging and assembling Line-Storm.

The Maryland loop will be the second actually dirt moving project. The Boring Company has been busy digging a tunnel with Godot in the Spacex parking lot in Hawthorne, California, but will eventually connect LAX to Culver City, Santa Monica, Westwood and Sherman Oaks.

Musk announced earlier this year he also intends to build a hyperloop between New York City and D.C.  and has met with Chicago's Mayor Rahm Emanuel to possibly build an underground high-speed rail connection between the city and O'Hare Airport.

Musk's hyperloop  vision is to have people travel in sealed pods that are supported by pressurized air through underground tunnels at a high rate of speed. Solar panels on top of the tunnel's tube structure will generate power for the system, making it self-sustaining. An offshoot of the hyperloop vision includes a passenger & car version which would allow people to shoot through the loop's tube while in their own vehicle.

If you are interested in the actual engineering Musk has in mind, you can download his  2013 PDF proposal here: