Manitowoc and CM Labs Create Immersive Crane Training Simulator

September 19, 2018
Manitowoc’s CCS operated crane simulator.

Manitowoc Cranes has chosen CM Labs to develop and deliver a series of Vortex crane simulators, each using the company’s Crane Control System (CCS). The simulators are intended to help dealers “market and educate crane operators” on the benefits of CCS models, according to CM Labs.

Manitowoc’s CCS operating platform uses a common interface across multiple crane product lines. Each unit includes a universal control layout with standard symbols, and components like joysticks and jog-dial. Through their partnership with CM Labs, the two companies have integrated this CCS technology into a true-to-life Vortex simulator.

“Our design starts with a relationship with the machine so that the user interface feels very close to the real thing. This was important for Manitowoc so that the end product both looked and acted like their brand,” said Drew Carruthers, product line manager for construction equipment.

Each machine is powered by the Vortex Studio simulation platform, offering virtual sessions that include on-board crane computers and load moment indicators, boom configurations, and more. The simulator’s immersive experience “ensures skills learned on the simulator will transfer better to the live equipment,” according to CM Labs.

Simulators are currently being delivered to Manitowoc clients for operator training, including locals of the International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE).