Manitowoc 16000 Makes The Job Easier On Wind Farm Project

By Joanne Ray | September 28, 2010

To support its growing Wind Power Services division, Reed & Reed, Inc. of Woolwich, ME, recently purchased a new Manitowoc Model 16000, 440-ton crawler crane. The crane was purchased from crane distributor Shawmut Equipment Company, Inc. – distributor of Manitowoc Crane Group's products in New England and the Canadian Maritime provinces.

The Manitowoc 16000 is currently at work at the Stetson Mountain Wind Farm project in Northern Maine. The Newton, MA-based First Wind is the developer of the Stetson Mountain Wind Farm that consists of 38 General Electric 1.5-megawatt turbines. At full output, these turbines will supply enough power for about 23,000 homes.

As a turnkey contractor, Reed & Reed's Wind Power Services division is managing the entire project at Stetson Mountain. Reed & Reed created a project team, including designers and subcontractors, and is self-performing the construction of foundations, erection of towers and installation of turbine generators.

The project's scope of work is broad, including geotechnical exploration and analysis; permitting; final design of the civil, structural and electrical components of the project; equipment staging; construction of roads, turbine sites, power collection system, grounding system, foundations, wind turbine generator erection; and tower electrical work.

Reed & Reed's Manitowoc 16000 is vital to lifting operations at Stetson Mountain. The crawler crane must repeatedly travel across ridgeline terrain as it moves to lift components throughout the wind farm project.

The heaviest component of each turbine, the nacelle unit that houses electronics and attaches to the rotor, weighs 125,000 pounds. The Manitowoc 16000 must lift the nacelle unit to a height of 265 feet and a radius of 85 feet.

“The Manitowoc 16000 has very smooth and precise controls, allowing for efficient and safe erection of these large turbines,” Reed & Reed's crane operator Ron Babb said.

Babb said the Manitowoc 16000 has “easily handled the challenging ridgeline terrain.” He also said the hydraulically tilting operator's cab allows the operator to have good visibility of the load – especially when working at high boom angles.

To erect the wind turbines, the Manitowoc 16000 was equipped with 224,000 pounds of counterweight; 295 feet of main boom; a 23-foot, 107.6-ton detachable extended upper boom point; and a 200 ton hook block.

Reed & Reed has also been selected to provide pre-construction services for the 132-megawatt Kibby Wind Power project in Northern Franklin County, ME. The project will provide Maine with more than 225 megawatts of clean, renewable energy each year and enough electricity to power more than 100,000 households.

Reed & Reed also recently completed the Mars Hill Wind Farm, the first large-scale wind farm in New England. The company is also managing construction of the Lempster Wind Farm in Lempster, New Hampshire.