Major Construction Companies Join Safety Campaign

May 4, 2015

More than 40 construction companies have joined together for Safety Week 2015, a campaign that aims to end injuries and fatalities on the job. The 40 firms comprise The Construction Industry Safety group and the Incident and Injury Free CEO Forum.

Federal data shows that the national rate of construction deaths per 100,000 workers stood at 9.7 in 2013.

Charlie Bacon, co-chair of the campaign, said that in order to eliminate worker accidents, the construction industry needs to foster a culture where workers understand why safety measures are important and what is at stake if they are not followed.

The group says its mission for Safety Week 2015 is "to partner in:

  • Thanking our workers for supporting safety and recognizing their efforts to be injury free
  • Increasing awareness of the importance of being committed to safety, every day
  • Inspiring all of us to share best practices and to work together to strengthen our industry's safety culture
  • Celebrating the need to be injury free
  • Conducting on-site safety awareness activities to support education."