Maine College Offers Construction Institute

July 27, 2017

Southern Maine Community College President Ron Cantor has announced a new training option for prospective construction workers called the Construction Institute.

“Where a student can take a course or two or three, short term, maybe not a full semester course, maybe not even for credit. But, we said to the industry, ‘What are the skills you really need?’ They said things like print reading and framing methods, and construction safety. Well, put those three together, short-term workshops, and they can go get a job,” he said.

Cantor said the institute will help businesses that need new workers quickly, and workers who need new jobs quickly.

The short-version courses will be scheduled so trainees can keep their current jobs and meet their usual obligations without losing time or wages. Cantor said the courses will be designed so students can use them, over time, to work toward a certificate or associate degree. 

To watch Don Carrigan's (WCSH-TV) coverage of the Southern Maine Community College announcement, click here: