Mack Adds Air Disc Brakes to Vocational Truck Lineup

By Walt Moore, Editor | January 21, 2014

According to Mack Trucks, work truck customers looking for superior stopping performance in harsh conditions and duty cycles can now order Meritor EX+ Air Disc Brakes for Granite, TerraPro, and Titan models. Mack introduced the air-disc-brake design across its vocational lineup today at the 2014 World of Concrete exhibition.

“Mack’s air disc brakes are built to our standards and tuned specifically for the needs of vocational customers to help boost uptime and lower overall lifecycle costs,” said Stu Russoli, Mack vocational marketing product manager. “Vehicle operators and workers on the job site also benefit from the added safety benefits of the air disc brakes’ exceptional stopping performance.”

According to Mack, more than 2.2 million miles of testing in real-world North American applications has shown that the air disc brakes deliver superior stopping performance and require less maintenance than conventional S-cam designs. Mack’s air disc brakes utilize a flat-rotor concept to prevent heat distortion in heavy-duty service, rather than “hat-shaped” rotors, which are prone to distortion and shorter life. The brake pads are engineered by Mack to deliver top performance in all situations and minimize brake fade during extreme braking cycles and frequent use.

The two-piston-caliper design of the new Mack brake, says the company, provides consistent pressure across the brake pad, enhancing braking performance and extending brake life, which is estimated at twice that of conventional S-cam designs. The 17-inch rotors and friction materials are optimized to work together for powerful stopping performance, fade resistance, and long wear.

“In line with our philosophy of application excellence, our air disc brakes are optimized to give customers a durable option for excellent performance in any type of work environment,” said John Walsh, Mack vice president of marketing. Mack began offering air disc brakes in 2008 on its Mack PinnacleTM axle-forward and axle-back models. The new Meritor EX+ air disc brakes will be available mid-2014.