M-53 Upgrade Includes Interchange Reconstruction

By Aram Kalousdian, Editor | September 28, 2010

An approximately $13.5-million upgrade of M-53 from 24 Mile Road to 27-1/2 Mile Road in Macomb County, MI, includes reconstructing the inner and outer shoulders on north and southbound M-53, overlaying M-53 with asphalt, and reconstructing the M-53/26 Mile Road interchange. This section of M-53 is currently a divided concrete highway and is two lanes in each direction. The interchange will include a roundabout at each end of the bridge that will tie in the on and off ramps.

The M-53 portion of the project is 3.5 miles long. Dan's Excavating, Inc., of Shelby Township, MI, is the prime contractor for the project. The project began in March and will be completed by November.

"We had to do some pile driving for the bridge on 26 Mile Road. There was a total of 52 piles and of the 52 piles, there were four test piles that used a new load and resistance factor design (LRFD) dynamic pile testing specification," Brian Olesky, project manager for Dan's Excavating, Inc., said.

"Dynamic pile testing is a gauged instrument that connects to the pile that measures the stress on the pile as you're driving it. The instruments that are mounted on the pile transmit the data to a hand-held unit. That data is analyzed to determine the criteria for reaching bearing capacity." The new LRFD dynamic pile testing specification was developed by the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT).

Olesky said that labor and equipment needs are based on the schedule for the project and the amount of work that needs to be performed within that time frame.

Subcontractors on the project include Florence Cement, of Shelby Township (main line concrete work and concrete patching), and Ajax Paving Industries, Inc., of Troy (asphalt).

Material quantities for the bridge include 1,000 cubic yards of structural concrete, 146,000 pounds of reinforcement steel and 2,200 feet of 14 by 73 steel H-Pile. Materials for the roadwork include 25,000 square yards of 10-inch non-reinforced concrete pavement on 26 Mile Road; approximately 11,000 square yards of 10-inch reinforced concrete patching on M-53; 16,000 tons of 4E30 asphalt leveling course for the overlay on M-53; 19,000 tons of 5E30 asphalt wearing course for the overlay on M-53; and 3,000 tons of 3E30, 8,000 tons of 4E3 and 10,000 tons of 3E3 asphalt base courses for the shoulders.


Project: Overlay and reconstruction on M-53 in Macomb County, MI

Prime contractor: Dan's Excavating, Inc., of Shelby Township, MI

Cost: Approximately $13.5 million