LoJack Guide to Theft Protection

Staff | September 28, 2010


  • Keep accurate, detailed records. Label all machines in multiple locations with unique identifying numbers, including the manufacturers' product identification numbers (PIN) and an owner applied number.
  • Keep accurate inventories, recording the manufacturer, model number, year, PIN and purchase date for each piece of equipment. Also record the serial numbers of each major component (engine, transmission, final drives, etc.).
    Consider registering equipment with a national database.
  • Focus on physical site security. When possible, fence in your equipment. Park equipment close together and in a circle if feasible, with smaller pieces in the center. Chain small equipment to larger equipment.
    Communicate with law enforcement. Request more frequent patrols, especially in known high-theft areas.
  • Use theft deterrents and recovery systems. Use immobilization devices such as wheel locks, fuel shut-offs or ignition locks. Consider installing battery-disconnect switches. Use a proven tracking-and-recovery system that offers time-tested tracking technology and is integrated with police so that recovery is in the hands of the law.



    Source: LoJack