Lightweight Lift Axles Cut 1,000 Pounds Per Truck

September 28, 2010


Super Lite steerable lift axles give Kenworth T800s about 25½-ton capacity.

"By going with the lightweight lift axles, we're saving over 1,000 pounds per truck and gaining that much in payload over our competition," says company owner, Pete Tode.

Heritage hauls asphalt and aggregate for Rinker Materials to construction sites. "We like the lightweight lift axles because our trucks travel up to 45 miles on the highway carrying asphalt and then they go off-road to the jobsite," says Tode. "The smaller 17.5-inch tires on the lift axles provide more ground clearance off-road."

The Heritage fleet includes about 200 trucks—160 of which are dumps equipped with lift axles. The company is converting "super 16" dump trucks to "super 18s" by installing the Super Lite axles.