Liebherr Construction, Mining Turnover Drops in 2014

December 17, 2014

For the 2014 business year, the Liebherr Group is currently anticipating an overall turnover of $10.99 billion. In the area of construction machines and mining, a decline is expected. For the other areas, the 2014 figures are higher than the previous year’s.

The Liebherr Group’s overall turnover is expected to be $10.99 billion in this business year. Compared with the turnover from 2013, this is a slight drop of about $121.48 million or 1 percent.

In the area of construction machines and mining, Liebherr expects a turnover of approximately $6.66 billion, which is a decline of 4.5 percent. This decline results above all from the weakness of the global mining industry. The group’s construction machinery and mining area comprises the earthmoving, mobile crane, tower crane, concrete technology and mining divisions. In the current business year, turnover in the mining division, in particular, has fallen considerably.

For the divisions beyond this area, an overall growth is expected. By the end of the year, forecasts indicate that the turnover there will be $4.33 billion. This represents an increase of about 5 percent. The divisions in question are maritime cranes, aerospace and transportation systems, machine tools and automation systems, domestic appliances as well as other products and services, the latter including the driveline and control-system components division.

The business year has been successful in Western Europe. In most other sales regions, however, Liebherr has recorded a decline in turnover. Particularly in the Far East/Australia region as well as in the Near and Middle East, the level of dynamism has been very low. In Africa and America, on the other hand, the turnover for the entire year is anticipated to almost reach the previous year’s level.

In the current business year, the group has again invested heavily in production, sales and service; the total amount of investment was $1.02 billion.

By the end of 2014, the Liebherr companies will employ about 41,000 people around the world. Compared with last year’s figure, the number of employees will have risen by more than 1,800.

For 2015, a worldwide growth of 3.8 % is anticipated, which would represent a greater dynamic than in this year. Against this backdrop, the group is looking optimistically towards the next year. Based on an initial estimate, Liebherr expects the overall turnover to increase.