Liebherr Cites Operator Error in Mecca Accident

September 23, 2015

After inspecting the LR 11350 crawler crane that tipped over in Saudi Arabia earlier this month, Liebherr said operator error caused the crash. Citing the operating instructions of the LR 11350 and the associated "Wind Speed Charts," Liebherr said the crane in Mecca could not withstand the high wind load and that the boom should have been lowered to the ground.

According to the findings of the Liebherr crane experts sent to Saudi Arabia, the LR 11350 was erected at the time of the accident with a boom length of approximately 190 meters, parked outside of the Grand Mosque, and put out of operation.

The report said wind speeds during the thunderstorm and sandstorm were recorded at 80 km/h and 105km/h, and the crawler crane was caught by the wind and tilted over the last support rollers of its crawler tracks.

Liebherr reminded operators of comparable Liebherr cranes worldwide of the influences that wind has on cranes and to the unconditional compliance with the appropriate regulations mentioned in the operating instructions.

Source: Liebherr