Liebherr 2013 Construction, Mining Turnover Drops

June 16, 2014

The Liebherr Group achieved an overall turnover of €8.963 billion in 2013, which is €126.6 million, or 1.4 percent, below the 2012 total.

In the construction machinery and mining area, turnover reached €5.630 billion— €238.5 million or 4.1 percent below the previous year’s figure. This figure accounts for less than two-thirds of total group turnover. The company’s construction machinery and mining area comprises the earthmoving, mobile crane, tower crane, concrete technology and mining divisions.

Turnover from the earthmoving division reached €1.884 billion in 2013—8.4 percent lower than the previous year. There was also a drop in turnover from the mining division: turnover from large hydraulic excavators and mining trucks fell back last year by €250.9 million or 19.4 percent to €1.041 billion. This development was part of a negative trend throughout the worldwide extractive industries sector.

As in the previous year, Liebherr achieved distinct growth with its mobile cranes. Turnover rose by €138.2 million or 7.1 percent to €2.077 billion, due especially to increases in Germany, the U.S. and the Netherlands. The tower crane division in particular achieved a most welcome increase in turnover, of €37.4 million or 10.4 percent to €395.5 million. Turnover inthe concrete technology division rose by €9.3 million to 230.7 million.

Divisions outside construction machinery and mining recorded an increase in turnover of 111.9 million or 3.5 percent, to 3.333 billion. The divisions in question are maritime cranes, aerospace and transportation systems, machine tools and automation systems, domestic appliances and other products and services, the latter including the components division.

Turnover from other products and services almost equalled the previous year’s figure. Sales revenue dropped by 1.2 million or 0.6 percent, to a new total of 207.2 million. Other products and services include sales revenues from the sale of driveline and control system components to customers outside the Liebherr Group, and also turnover generated by the group’s six hotels in Germany, Ireland and Austria.

During 2013 the Liebherr Group’s workforce increased in size by 1,623 employees or approximately 4 percent. At the end of the year 39,424 people were employed at Liebherr Group companies.

In the current year, the company expects the world economy will develop more dynamically than in 2013; the International Monetary Fund forecasts growth of 3.6 percent. In its initial estimate for 2014, the Liebherr Group expects total turnover to be equivalent to the 2013 figure, though development will differ from one division to another. There will probably be a further increase in the size of the workforce, the company notes.