Las Vegas Raiders Stadium Cleared for Take Off

September 7, 2017

The Federal Aviation Administration has determined that the Oakland Raiders' proposed 225-foot tall domed stadium in Las Vegas will not be a hazard to aircraft, despite the Airline Pilot's Association's concern that the stadium’s reflective design could pose a safety risk and impair vision of flight crews.

FAA agreed with the concerns raised by the association. However, the FAA’s obstruction evaluation process solely concentrated on how the stadium’s height might affect visual procedures, radar, radio navigation and communications. Factors such as lighting, glare, fireworks and lasers will be evaluated separately by the FAA’s Air Traffic Organization on a case-by-case basis, the agency said.

Also, because the proposed structure exceeds obstruction standards by 75 feet, the stadium’s domed roof must be equipped with flashing red lights.

The FAA announced its decision Tuesday after shaving off three weeks of the public comment period so that the project can stay on schedule for the Raider's opener in 2020.

Wednesday, Nevada's Clark County commissioners unanimously approved land use permits for the 65,000 seat stadium and waived a previous requirement for thousands of on-site parking spaces. County regulations say the stadium must have 16,250 parking spaced but the site's land has room for only 2,400. The county has given the team a year to figure out where they will park all the fans.

Clark County and the Raiders still need to enter into a development agreement before structural construction begins but site-prep work is expected to begin before December.