Larson Davis Software Reduces Employee Hearing Loss

Staff | September 28, 2010

The Larson Davis division of PCB Piezotronics, Inc. (PCB®) has announced the availability of Bertrand-Johnson Acoustics CORTI® hearing conversation software for audiometric trend analysis and Hearing Conservation Program (HCP) quality assurance, tools designed to help lower employee risk of noise induced hearing loss.

Integrating CORTI into an HCP provides all the needed data tools to help begin reducing risk of employee hearing loss and workers' compensation liability. Beginning with an audiometric quality assurance analysis and report, existing data is easily transferred into the CORTI package.

With a minimum five years of known good data, an audiometric trend analysis can be executed, which establishes baseline program performance, and which serves as the launch point for continuous program improvements. The software not only manages employee exposure and audiometric records, it applies advanced analysis algorithms that generate key performance metrics for benchmarking and improving current program effectiveness — as well as prediction of future individual outcomes from occupational noise exposure.

All Larson Davis Spark® series of personal noise dosimeters and the SoundTrack LxT® sound level meter offer automatic calculation of noise dose and time-weighted average noise levels, as well as maximum and peak exposure levels, and may be used to provide the necessary worker noise exposure data points for CORTI. The low-cost Spark series offers an additional advantage of being able to use an optional fixed microphone, for easy conversion from personal dosimetry to area or task-based measurement techniques. CORTI software is available as either an HIPPA-compliant Internet based service or installed on-site application.