Komatsu to Produce Its First Hybrid Excavator

Staff | September 28, 2010

Komatsu Hybrid PC200-8 Excavator

Komatsu launched a version of its flagship PC200-8 (right), which could be the world's first commercially available hybrid construction machine, according to Komatsu. The company claims an average 25 percent reduction in fuel consumption compared to the standard PC200-8 (43,500 pounds, 148 horsepower). A maximum reduction of 41 percent was recorded at a job where the machine's upper structure turns more frequently.

The hybrid uses a Komatsu-developed electric slewing motor that generates electric power when braking the excavator's upper structure. That power is stored in capacitors, and it assists the engine when the engine accelerates. All components of Komatsu's hybrid system, excluding the capacitor cells, are made by Komatsu.

The PC200-8 Hybrid will only be available in Japan in the near term and is expected to list for about $253,000.