Komatsu and Propeller Introduce Drone Analytics

August 1, 2018
Construction worker operating drone outdoors

With construction sites currently using drones as a common worksite tool, Komatsu and Propeller have partnered to offer capabilities in the aerial mapping space.

Komatsu has been testing commercial drone mapping and analytics products, while Propeller produced a drone that was best suited to modern construction operations. The product delivers drone images to a users desktop or tablet, allowing users to perform height, volume and slope calculations, and track change over time. Propeller’s technology also supports local site calibrations, allowing users to capture real time survey data while on the job.

“Worksites are starting to see the real business value of accurate, up-to-date drone data,” says John Frost, VP of Business Development at Propeller. “We drive that value through workflows that enable everyone to understand who’s moved what material, how much, and where. It’s all about empowering worksites with the information they need to make data-driven decisions to reduce costs, ensure quality, and use resources efficiently. Now more than ever, stakeholders on site, or in the head office miles away, can stay up-to-date with exactly what’s happening on the ground.”