Key Construction Deadline For California Bullet Train Pushed Back Four Years

May 19, 2016

The LA Times reports the Obama administration has made another modification to the high-speed rail project connecting California's Silicon Valley and the Central Valley.

The rail line was supposed to be one of the 'shovel-ready' projects made available to help the country recover from the Great Recession, but the rail authority has been acquiring needed property at a snail's pace which has held up construction. So far, less than half of the land needed has been acquired. The Times report says some outside construction experts are projecting the first 29 miles of construction alone could be as much as $400 million over budget.

Earlier LA Times editorials, including May 4's Californians Deserve More Transparency On Bullet Train Finances , are demanding the High Speed Rail Authority be more publicly forthcoming in their plans and financing.

Read the LA Time's take on what is holding up the trains.