Kespry Adds Construction Capabilities to Drones

November 9, 2017
Kespry has developed earthworks aerial intelligence tools with John Deere

Kespry has added a suite of capabilities that include grade planning and analysis, site and surface comparison including cut/fill visualization, and design plan development and compliance. Implementation of these new capabilities is a direct result of customer and partner feedback, including from John Deere, their dealers and their clients.

New earthworks capabilities include:

  • On-demand drone data capture and analysis so mass haul plans can be developed before projects begin with an entire site mapped and analyzed in hours. New tools also enable haul road planning to support more efficient site planning.
  • On-demand cut/fill analysis enabling close management of the project and specific bid requests.
  • Design plan comparisons through project plan overlay onto Kespry data to reduce the complexity and cost of rework. Safety can also be improved through close monitoring of change and analysis of grades around the site.

“The construction industry needs more than just one-off drone mapping of their earthworks sites,” said George Mathew, CEO and chairman of Kespry. “The addition of these earthworks-specific aerial intelligence tools will enable construction companies to plan their work more accurately, improve their cost structure, and deliver safer working environments through frequent analysis of changes to their site. This will truly transform the way work is done in this industry.”

 “Aerial intelligence is changing how large scale construction projects are done,” said Andrew Kahler, product marketing manager, John Deere Worksight. "Kespry is delivering the analysis, insight and tools that project managers need to ensure their earthworks projects are completed on time, as cost efficiently as possible and more safely than ever before.”

Source: Kespry