John Deere

September 28, 2010

John Deere 872G Motor GraderJohn Deere’s G-Series motor graders offer the industry’s first choice of traditional hydraulic controls or armrest-mounted fingertip electronic controls, in addition to features such as automatic cross-slope control, automatic differential lock and a rearview camera with radar object detection. Fingertip electronic levers on the Grade Pro models mimic industry-standard layout of motor grader levers, with the addition of lever steering. All six G-Series graders have a steering wheel, which is always live. Electronic-control units accept Trimble or Topcon automatic grade-control systems (Leica soon) as plug-and-play applications. The G-Series models, ranging from 185 to 275 net horsepower with 12- and 14-foot moldboards, offer a choice of front- or mid-mount scarifier, or a rear ripper/scarifier. All G-Series graders also have keyless start with multiple security codes, enabling owners to control access. JD Link Ultimate is also standard equipment.

Video explanation of G Series electronic joystick controls