John Deere 345G LC Excavator

May 23, 2018
John Deere 345G LC reduced tail swing excavator has an operating weight of 80,788 pounds

The 345G LC reduced tail swing excavator has an operating weight of 80,788 pounds with a maximum digging depth of 24 feet 10 inches. Bucket breakout force is 45,410 lb.-ft. It is powered by a 249-horsepower Isuzu Tier 4-F engine with no diesel particulate filter (DPF) aftertreatment. The engine burns almost all the fuel, Deere says. DEF fill is at ground level.

John Deere 345G excavator has three hydraulic pumpsA three-pump hydraulic system (photo, right) provides generous hydraulic flow for fast cycle times, greater flow for attachments, and larger efficiency for improved fuel economy. One pump dedicated to the swing circuit, so hydraulic flow is never compromised, Deere says. Auxiliary hydraulics allow for quick changes of attachments in situations where more than one is required. Settings can be programmed for each attachment, Deere says.

Deere produced this video explanation:


Side by side cooling cores provide efficiency in the Deere 345G excavator.The excavator is built on the same undercarriage frame as the company’s 350G, which Deere says gives it excellent stability for over-the-side applications. Side-by-side cooling cores provide maximum cooling efficiency and ease of cleaning (photo, left).

The 345G LC has a full-size cab, despite it being a reduced tail swing unit, the company says. It is 4 inches wider in the interior than the predecessor series. A standard rearview camera improves visibility to the rear of the machine.

The excavator is available with Ultimate Uptime, featuring John Deere WorkSight. With Ultimate Uptime, owners receive predelivery and follow-up inspections that include five years of JDLink telematics, machine health prognostics, remote diagnostics, programming capabilities, and the ability to add dealer-provided uptime solutions to a customized package.

View a demonstration of the 345G LC reduced tail swing excavator below.