J.M. Coull Completes Project

Staff | September 28, 2010

J.M. Coull announced recently that the company completed construction of the 97,000-square-foot Northeast Regional Office of the National Marine Fisheries Services in Gloucester, MA. The facility will be immediately leased to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration by a private development company. The project involved the new construction of two connected structures: a four-story main building totaling 86,000 square feet and a smaller 11,000-square-foot annex building. Included in this two-building complex is a dense compilation of office suites serving many of the departments housed within NERO, including Fishery Operations, Statistics, the Habitat Conservation and Restoration Department, and the Protected Resources Department. Due to the intricate needs of the facility, numerous penthouse mechanical units are necessary to maintain daily operations. In order to efficiently implement the needed equipment, J.M. Coull arranged for prefabricated units to be delivered from the manufacturing plant in North Carolina. These units arrived pre-plumbed and were significantly larger than traditional units, requiring the use of cranes to lift them to the roof before workers connected all of the systems and bolted them into place.