JLG Offers Online Training

Staff | September 28, 2010

JLG Industries, Inc. has developed an online Learning Management System to deliver training for JLG customers. To register for JLG's Online Training, contact the JLG Training Department via the JLG Training Request Form. You will receive the Learning Management URL, User ID and Password. The Warranty courses are offered free of charge. The Basic Electric and Basic Hydraulic courses can be taken for $150 each or combined for $199.

"Online training is the fastest growing venue for training in education and business," commented Todd Truax, JLG Industries director of Training. "Online training reduces travel expense, time away from work and enhances the learning experience."

JLG currently has four courses available online:

  • Basic Electric
  • Basic Hydraulic
  • Warranty Fundamentals (warranty policy)
  • Service Bench (warranty system)