JCB Unveils Tier 4-Final Strategy

April 15, 2013

JCB took the wraps off its Tier 4-Final technology today at Bauma 2013 in Munich, unveiling a compact SCR system based on its existing Tier 4-Interim Ecomax diesel engine technology that does not use a DPF.

The company calls it a "One Can Solution," for which it will recalibrate the Ecomax engine to achieve the reduced emissions requirement, claiming a 5 percent fuel savings over existing models. The compact SCR system with a Urea-based additive will be used on engines above 74 horsepower. It will be incorporated into a single exhaust muffler, in many cases replacing the existing exhaust and delivering the same compact overall dimensions for machine designers.

The SCR system will use a 2- to 3-percent ratio of exhaust additive to fuel, as the engine is already providing cleaner exhaust gas. JCB officials say this is in contrast to many existing SCR systems that use a "6 or 7 percent" ratio, but were quick to point out that ratio numbers depend on machine application. The company has also engineered a space-efficient mixing system for the overall SCR unit that offers a reduced exhaust flow distance between the engine and the catalyst.

With this compact system, JCB says the Ecomax Tier 4-Final engine delivers an engine package that can be installed in existing machinery without bulky alterations to bodywork. As with all Tier 4-Final engines, low-ash lubricating oils will be required, along with an exhaust additive filter. However, there will be no additional intrusive maintenance required on the JCB Ecomax engine, including no cleaning or replacement of exhaust filters. As with the Tier 4-Interim Ecomax engine, it will be possible to de-tier the Tier 4-Final version with a kit available from JCB dealers.