JCB Does Tier 4 Without Diesel Particulate Filters

September 28, 2010

JCB has announced the development of what it said is a groundbreaking solution to meeting future Tier 4 interim/Stage 3b emissions limits – without the use of a diesel particulate filter (DPF). The company today unveiled its new 4.4 and 4.8 L Ecomax Tier 4 interim/Stage 3b engines which span a range from 55 to 129 kW (74 to 173 hp). For Tier 4 interim/Stage 3b the company has developed six models rated at 55, 68, 81, 93, 108 and 129 kW (74, 91, 108, 125, 145 and 173 hp).

JCB said its development was focused on what it perceived are the disadvantages associated with DPFs in midrange construction equipment, such as increased fuel consumption due to higher back pressure; the need for forced regeneration on light duty cycles; extra fuel consumption driven by regeneration; and the need for control requirements on regeneration in safety critical environments.

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[From Diesel Progress]

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