IROCK Acquires Indy Equipment

September 25, 2012

IROCK has acquired Indy Equipment’s fabrication and manufacturing division. Indy Equipment’s full staff becomes part of the IROCK team on the acquisition date.

IROCK was established in 1992, with Indy Equipment as a strategic partner providing expertise in equipment design, engineering and manufacturing. The original partnership strengthened IROCK’s manufacturing process by ensuring high-quality, purpose-built equipment for its dealers and end-user customers, reflecting Independence Recycling Inc.’s (Indy Equipment’s sister company) firsthand knowledge and experience in the crushing and screening industry. The acquisition now brings the entire manufacturing process, from initial design to final quality assurance, under one umbrella for a more streamlined process, superior products and better customer service.

“Our focus has always been on providing the highest quality equipment solutions to our customers, and we’re proud to have maintained that commitment,” Bob Nelson, IROCK’s general manager, said. “This acquisition brings the expertise and manufacturing efficiency that we’ve accessed through our strategic partnership under one roof, which will optimize efficiency and product quality, while maintaining our commitment to meeting the highest of standards.”

IROCK owner and president Ken Taylor says it was a natural transition to go from being a partner to acquiring Indy Equipment. “Indy Equipment was an ideal fit for us from the start, sharing similar values in regards to customer service and quality in design, engineering and manufacturing. It has been astrong partnership for years, and we’re pleased to take it one step further to work more closely and seamlessly together.”

In addition to the benefits it will bring to IROCK and its customers, the acquisition is also a sound economic move to grow the company and bring jobs to the region. Taylor feels tremendous pride in strengthening the local economy, saying, “This move is helping to further the growth of IROCK, a locally owned and operated company, and we’ll be able to provide more jobs to hardworking professionals in the greater Cleveland area.”

Source: IROCK